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(612) 866-1200
Installing an ECOsmarte system in your diesel pusher, or RV will give you premium quality water at each faucet regardless of where you “fill up” and will control the mold and bacteria in your holding tanks, plumbing lines and at the source of your water. All chemicals (chlorine, MTBE, other volatile organics) are banned from your vessel and the system operates with 250 milliamps of power for under $100 per year. Over 300 installation sites exist in North America and the filter tanks are sized for space available.

RV & Diesel Pusher Filtration (4)

WaterSentinel 10" Inline GAC Filter 1/4" FNPT | WS-IN1011-1


WaterSentinal Complete Sterilizer UV Kit-13" 1GPM | WSUV-6


ECOsmarte RV/ Diesel Pusher Dual Tank Stainless Steel Zero Backwash System


ECOsmarte RV/ Diesel Pusher System | 54"