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Replacement Filter Cartridge and Arsenic Test Kit
Aries Filterworks AF-20-3695-BB Arsenic Removal Filter Cartridge, 4.5
Arsenic Test Kit
  • SKU: SF-AF203695

Aries ARSENIC Removal Filter Cartridge | 20" x 2.5"

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    Model 20in: AF-20-3695-BB

    FREE Arsenic Test Kit Included with Purchase

    Key Features:
    - Highest Arsenic Removal Capacity
    - ASM-10-HP Media is WQA Gold NSF/ANSI 61 Certified
    - Fits Standard Residential and Industrial Housings

    The arsenic reduction is achieved by utilizing the advanced media technology of ResinTech ASM-10-HP resin. This Arsenic selective media has the unsurpassed capacity and is effective over the entire pH range of potable water. ResinTech Asm-10-HP is a strongly basic hybrid anion exchange resin, specifically formulated to selectively remove arsenic*.

    * Although ResinTech ASM-10-HP has modest removal of Arsenite (As3), it is suggested to use additional oxidation methods such as pre-chlorination to convert to Arsenate (As5). 

    Feature and Benefits:

    Use of ResinTech ASM-10-HP Media: The initial capture of arsenate is by ion exchange, thus the removal rate of arsenic from the inlet liquid is much faster than ordinary iron-based media. Its strong base exchange functionally can be used to simultaneously remove nitrate, uranium, chromate, and other objectional anions while removing arsenate.

    - FDA Drinking Water Approved Material of Construction: Sonic welded construction is a solvent-free method to join and assemble plastic parts, producing the highest quality safety product

    Fits Standard Residential And Industrial Size Housing: AF Series cartridges are double open-ended that fit standard residential and industrial housings

    Oversized Cartridge For Maximum Media Fill: AF series cartridges have up to 50% higher capacity and extend cartridge life, due to the use of larger cartridges

    Quality Produced And Made in The USA: Cartridges are produced by Aries FilterWorks, a division of ResinTech. Strict quality control over all aspects of cartridge and media production allows complete traceability of every filter


    Residential Point Of Use (POU) Drinking Water System: The EPA has defined as an acceptable or safe limit of 10 ppb for arsenic in drinking water. If laboratory testing indicates levels above 10 ppb, the use of a specific arsenic removal cartridge is indicated, due to the contamination of source water.

    Private Wells Point Of Entry (POE): Well water is particularly susceptible to arsenic, those not connected to municipal drinking water systems may want to consider this option as part of a whole-house system. Wells supply 15% of American populations with drinking water and these wells are not subject to EPA regulations. These well provide safe clean water, but occasionally can become contaminated, resulting in illness.

    For Chlorinated City Water or Lake/River Water Filtration.


    Housing Unit For This Filter

    This unit works best with this 2.5" x 20" 304 Stainless Steel housing filter. Other filter housing units may not be compatible.