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Two Piece Warewashing System
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3M Water Filtration Products HWS050 Warewashing Water Softening System - 5 GPM and 16,000 Grain Capacity

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    This 3M Water Filtration Products HWS050 warewashing water softening system provides your warewashing machines with high-quality water to help you maintain a crisp and spotless dinnerware without the intense manual labor! Accommodating flow rates up to 5 GPM, this system removes calcium and magnesium minerals from your water supply to reduce the occurrence of unsightly spots on your dishes, glasses, and flatware. This "softened" water reduces scale buildup and allows dish detergents to work more efficiently, reducing excess chemical consumption to maximize your profits.

    An extremely convenient addition to your warewashing station, the 3M Water Filtration Products HWS050 warewashing water filtration system features a safety brine valve that ensures overflow prevention in the event of a power outage. It also features 12-day timer-controlled regeneration that allows the system to clean and regenerate automatically without daily monitoring or interruption of service.

    The 3M Water Filtration Products HWS050 warewashing water filtration system has a control valve with a 3/4" FNPT connection and a 115 VAC to 24-volt transformer, a 10" x 27" vinyl ester resin tank, and a 25" x 26" polyethylene brine tank that can hold up to 230 lb. of salt.


    • Installs after the water heater
    • Ideal for High Heat Commercial Dishwasher(to 400 Seat Restaurant)
    • Tank Size 10 inch by 25 inches with valve: 3/4 inlet and outlet
    • Requires 110V Outlet and 4GPM Drain
    • Color and Brine Tank Dimensions Vary