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Aries HEAVY METALS Removal Filter Cartridge | 20
  • SKU: SF-AF204080

Aries HEAVY METALS Removal Filter Cartridge | 20" x 2.5"

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    Model: AF-20-4080

    Key Features

    • Media is ResinTech® MBD-80 Mixed Bed Media
    • Removes chlorine and enhances the taste of drinking water
    • For Chlorinated City Water or Lake/River Water Filtration

    Aries FilterWorks offers a propriety blend of a high capacity weak acid ion exchange resin to reduce calcium and magnesium and with granular activated carbon maximize the removal of chlorine. The ion exchange media reduces hardness associated with alkalinity preventing water scale formation. Granular activated carbon (GAC) that has been specially prepared for use in drinking water filters removes chlorine and enhances the quality and taste of the drinking water. The media is buffered to provide a pH balance.

    Features & Benefits

    • Use Of ResinTech® MBD-80 Mixed Bed Media: A high capacity weak acid ion exchange resin reduces scale, improves taste and odor as well as the reduction of some heavy metals.
    • Fits Standard Residential And Industrial Size Housing: AF Series cartridges are double-open end cartridges that fit standard residential and industrial housings.
    • Oversized Cartridge For Maximum Media Fill: AF Series cartridges have up to 50% higher capacity and extend cartridge life, due to the use of larger cartridges.
    • Quality Produced And Made In The USA: Cartridges are produced by Aries FilterWorks, a division of ResinTech®. Strict quality control over all aspects of cartridge and media production allows complete traceability of every filter.


    • Residential Use - These cartridges are an effective way to provide clean water for drinking water, juices, coffee, and teas. Additionally, the water can be used to prepare foods and mix infant formula. It eliminates the need for costly bottled water and bottled water services. Aries FilterWorks cartridges can reduce or eliminate taste and odor due to municipal chlorination and decrease metals that may be in the city, well water, or distribution systems.
    • Commercial Use - These cartridges are an effective pretreatment of supply water to commercial-grade brewing machines, ice makers, and beverage dispensing equipment and water misters. Coffee and espresso machines benefit from the reduction of scale formation on heating elements, thus improving the efficiency of the machine and avoiding expensive service calls.

    Housing Unit For This Filter

    This unit works best with this 2.5" x 20" 304 Stainless Steel housing filter. Other filter housing units may not be compatible.