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Calcium Test Kit (Bottle of 50 tests)
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Calcium Test Kit (Bottle with 50 Tests)

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    Low or high calcium levels can be the bane of pool owners. Our calcium test kit gives you a convenient way to measure your pool or spa’s current levels so you can react quickly when they begin to rise or fall. If your water’s calcium content plummets, this could lead to corrosion of grout and plaster as well as rusting of metal parts. The opposite problem can leave unpleasant scaling in plumbing, your filter, and can even lead to unsightly cloudy water.

    This testing product will give you nearly instant results so you are never left guessing. The package contains 50 individual test strips. Simply remove one strip, dip it in the pool water for three seconds then watch as it changes color. After a minute or less, you will have your results which can be compared to the included color chart. A couple of minutes of calcium testing can lead to months of crystal clear water and prolonged life for your pool party.