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Pentair Pool and Spa pH Test Kit
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Pentair Pool and Spa pH Test Kit

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    Model: R1501076

    The right pH test kit will yield better results. Knowing your pool’s current levels will help you decide how to keep the water perfectly clean and shining like glass. Never contend with cloudy or green pools again by trying our reliable testing products! This kit is designed specifically for use with our ECOsmarte swimming pools and spas.

    Proper measurement is vital when you are swimming in an ECOsmarte product. Ideal pH levels fall in the 6.8 to 7.2 range, which this kit can accommodate. Other brands may not offer the accuracy you need to know whether your earth-friendly pool is thriving or in need of maintenance.  Each kit includes a plastic sample tube, phenol red, and color comparison samples so you can obtain immediate results. Clean your recreational waters more efficiently by performing regular tests so you never lose a single day of relaxation and fun in your pool or spa!