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WaterSentinel 10
  • SKU: SF-WSIN10111

WaterSentinel 10" Inline GAC Filter 1/4" FNPT | WS-IN1011-1

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    • Model # WS-IN1011-1
    • MADE IN THE USA with US-based customer service
    • Perfect for RV, Boat, Ice Makers, Coffee Makers, and Filtration Systems
    • Replaces 6" and 10" inline water filters
    • Provides great tasting, crystal clear drinking water
    • Reduction of Chlorine taste and Odors, Rust, Sediment, and Turbidity.

    When installing the filter for the first time, please follow the instructions below:

    Turn off the incoming water supply.
    Locate a convenient location or section of tubing where you can install the filter.
    Cut the tubing using a tube cutter. Please ensure that the edges of the tube are cut clean and free of sharp burrs. DO NOT cut the tubing at an angle as it may cause the unit to leak during use.
    NOTE: There is a directional flow arrow on the filter. The incoming water should be routed to the inlet and the filtered water should be coming from the outlet or arrowhead end of the flow arrow.
    Use your 1/4" NPT fitting to install in the filter.
    To prevent cross-threading, the Teflon tape should be below the first thread. Wrap the Teflon tape around the fittings two to three times. Do not overtighten.
    Make sure to not damage the filter during the installation of the fittings.
    Install supply-side tubing
    Turn on the water supply and flush the filter for 5 minutes or until the water runs clear.
    Turn off the water supply.
    Repeat Step 5 for the outlet side of the filter. Make sure to install the tubing firmly until the tubing bottoms out.
    Turn on the water supply and inspect the filter for leaks.